Internal Complaints Committee (Vishaka)

Mahendra Engineering College for women proactive approach to addressing sexual harassment and abuse underscores its commitment to promoting gender equality, ensuring the safety and well-being of its students and staff, and upholding ethical standards in its academic and work environments.

The Objectives of the committee is to:

  • Developing guidelines and norms for policies against sexual harassment is a critical step in creating a safe and respectful work environment.
  • Working out the details for the implementation of policies against discrimination and sexual harassment involves planning and organizing various aspects to ensure effectiveness and compliance.
  • Creating a detailed plan of actions for the implementation of policies against sexual harassment involves outlining both short-term and long-term strategies.
  • Organizing gender sensitization awareness programs is a crucial step in promoting understanding, respect, and equality among employees within an organization.
  • Dealing with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment in a time-bound manner while ensuring support services to the victims requires a structured approach.

Members of the Committee

S.NO. Name Designation Position Contact Number Mail id
1. Dr. A. Kanchana HOD/CSE Chairperson 9787728682
2. Dr. N. Rathika HOD/EEE Member 9500247646
3. Mrs. M. Manimegalai HOD/ECE Member 9942820200
4. Mrs. S.V. Rajeswari AP/CSE Member 9362224163
5. Mrs. V. Nathiya. HOD/S&H Member 8870883306
6. Mrs. S. Vinotha AP/ECE Member 9786322932
7. Mrs. J. Shanmugapriya AP/Maths Member 7708913773


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