Centre of Excellence

Centre Of Excellence On Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Department         : CSE

Chair Person        :  Prof. Dr. BERNHARD GLUCK, Senior Experten service, Germany

Inauguration        :  Centre of Excellence in Secure Access Service Edge

Date                           : 7th December 2022

Co-Ordinators      : Dr. A.Kanchana, HoD / CSE, Mrs.S.V.Rajeswari AP/CSE & Ms.M.Gomathi AP/CSE


  • SASE Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team consisting of technical experts that advises, guides, and oversees SASE related projects in an organization.
  • To authenticate and securely connect to internal resources from anywhere, and gives organizations better control over the data traffic.
  • To create the awareness among the students and faculty members about the digital threats imposed in today’s digital era.
  • To help modernize networks and security to keep up with the ever-evolving business requirements
  • To empower the society to fight against and to secure themselves from the harmful incidents caused online, by training them in the field of SASE.
  • To improve students competency in the employment opportunities offered in SASE.
  • To motivate faculty members and students to publish technical papers in journals.
  • The emerging technologies in SASE will improve and make secure digital world.
  • To promote learning activities to enrich the knowledge of the students.
  • Standardize and automate commonly needed platform components and solutions over time.
  • To develop security oriented solution using inspired technological innovation to address today’s business needs.

Centre Of Excellence On Parallel Reality

Department             : EEE

Chair Person           : Prof. Dr. BERNHARD GLUCK, Senior Experten service, Germany

Inauguration           : Center of Excellence in Parallel Reality

Date                         : 06.12.2022

Co-Ordinators        : Dr.K.G.Srinivasan, AP/EEE &; Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, AP/ECE


  • To Advanced optical design.
  • To Make Precision spatial calibration.
  • Achieve High performance parallel computation.
  • Real-time environmental modeling tools.
  • To display sign, signals lights to be more effective by simultaneously showing different things to different people and places.
  • To make content in each viewer’s language.
  • Make Advertising is targeted to each viewer’s needs interests, behavior and surroundings.
  • Provide all information (such as gate number on a flight board) is relevant to each viewer.
  • Make Messaging and signals on roadways are specific to each zone, lane, and vehicle.